How to buy an apartment in Georgia

Buying real estate requires responsibility and attention. The question of how to choose the desired apartment and find out the legal details often arises for those who are buying the apartment for the first time.

Popular questions

What are the conditions for real estate registration for Georgian residents and non-residents?

The conditions of buying real estate are the same for the citizens of Georgia as well as for the citizens of any other country.

What kind of documents should I have?

Only an ID card or foreign passport!

Can I buy real estate remotely?

Yes, it is possible. You need to read the real estate purchase agreement, make a transfer of fee to the company account, and the company representatives will provide you with the relevant, confirming documents and checks.

Is it possible to pay the real estate fee from the account of the legal entity?

It is possible, as well as registration on a legal entity.

Real estate is the best investment.

According to experts from Deloitte and Knight Frank, In the last 15 years, the total value of the real estate has exceeded 36 times, the total value of gold mined by mankind throughout history.

Calculating real estate income is not difficult!

If there are entertainment or recreation zones within 0.5 km of the residential complex: park, square, or alley, this is good real estate. The view of the sea or the mountains adds value to the apartment.

Of course, the infrastructure developed around the complex is also an added plus.

Have you already choose the desired apartment? Then it's time to move on to the next step and focus on the legal documentation.

Take note!

The construction company has to register each apartment in the public register, where it will be assigned a unique, cadastral code. With this code, you will receive complete and exhaustive information on whether the real estate is encumbered with any kind of mortgage or debt.

After verifying the information, you should diligently read the purchase agreement and make adjustments if necessary.

In most cases, the company offers internal installments to the customer before the construction is completed. The contract is accompanied by a payment schedule, which is drawn up by agreement of the parties.

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